Quick Start


    1. You will accomplish more using Strives instead of due dates.
    2. You will never have to waste time recopying your to-do lists again.
    3. It is super simple to use, with absolutely no flashy and unnecessary bells and whistles. Just effectiveness. That's it.
    4. Your projects and tasks are saved--you can find them there whenever!
    5. StriveList allows you to print out to do lists for each strive period you choose. Complete with check boxes.
    6. It's affordable and won't break the bank.
    7. You can easily add new ideas, new projects, and new tasks as soon as you think of them. No need to hope you will remember: StriveList ensures you won't forget!
    8. Keep track of the projects and tasks for your ENTIRE life and ALL your businesses. All in one place.
    9. It's fun. You will get addicted to using it.
    10. It will make you more productive than you've ever been before. Try it. You'll see!

  • STEP ONE: Start adding BIG life projects. To get you started, we suggest:

  • -General
    -Books to Read
    -Movies to Watch

    and any others that are specific to your life such as:

    -Find a girlfriend/boyfriend
    -Get married
    -Get divorced
    -Find job overseas
    -Get a teaching job at a university
    -Grow closer to God

  • STEP TWO: After you have added projects, start adding tasks. As discussed in my book Time Zen, they should be short easy-to-do 5-minute tasks. For each project, add as many 5-minute tasks as you can come up with. Don't worry about selecting a time frame yet. First step is to just add tasks. Lots of them.
  • STEP THREE: Next, go through each project again, and this time, select the proper strive for that task. It could be today, this week, this year, 3-year, etc. Pick a time period that pushes you, but that you also believe is potentially attainable.
  • STEP FOUR: Go to the 'All Projects' page and select a strive timeframe. You will see all the projects and tasks that are due in that strive period. Click the 'printable' link to open up a printable version in a new tab. Print out the list for Today-Priority and Today and then...
  • STEP FIVE: Get to work!


  • MOBILE: We are working on the mobile app now. Until then, you can easily 'create an app' by going to StriveList.com on your phone, then saving the website to your home screen: this way, you have an easy way to jump to it from your phone, similar to a mobile native app.

  • BINDER: Get a binder. After you create all the strive periods, print out every strive period that has projects and tasks (I suggest the printable version) and put each strive period in the binder next to its own tab of the same name, i.e. Today-Priority; Today; This Week; etc.

  • ENVIRONMENT: I know you may be concerned about the environment: the longer the strive period, the less often you have to reprint them. For example, the 5-year strives only need to be printed out once a year. The monthly strives, once every couple of weeks or months. The daily one? Nope, you won't print it out daily because the rest of the week and month are covered in the strives for This Week and This Month.

  • PRINT THE LISTS: While the app is internet based, and can solely be used digitally, it is designed to be used as a tool to create the ultimate printed to-do lists for your life. We recommend you print out the lists and work on them using pen to check them off. Having something tangible in your hand and that you can see is far more effective than digital based to-do lists. Use your printed to-do lists as you would any list: circle the ones you want to do first, get to work, what you don't accomplish today, do tomorrow, since the strives are still up to date. Then, after a few days, go back into StriveList, delete the tasks you've accomplished, transfer any new ones, reset all strives, and reprint the list. Simple!

  • WHY PRINT THE LISTS?: It's a proven fact: we get more done from a printed to-do list than from an online to-do list, and precisely because we see something tangible in front of us. For some reason, physical to-do items tend to get done faster than digitally presented to-do items. The physical list items are somehow more 'real' than those in the digital realm. So yes, use StriveList to keep track of, manage, and create those lists, but when you're ready to start getting things done, print out the list for today and today-priority. Give it a try: you WILL see the difference.

  • AGAIN, PRINT THE LISTS: Also, if the internet goes down and the power goes out, you'll be grateful for your paper backups. So once or twice a year, print out EVERYTHING, and put them in your tabbed binder. This way, you won't go crazy if you don't have internet for a while, or if our servers somehow crash. And... it's nice to sit at the beach (or the coffee shop) and take your StriveList binder along with you, and review EVERYTHING you have to do, from today to ten years from now.

  • GET TO WORK: Get to work, looking only at the binder, checking things off as you go. Remember, they are STRIVES. If you don't get it done today, no problem: it's still current because tomorrow will become today.

  • NEW TASKS: If you need to add new tasks, either add them in pen to the binder, and transfer them the next time you login, or add them directly to StriveList. For me, if the task is urgent, I will write it in my binder, and only if I don't do it, do I later add it to strive list. If the task is at least a week or month out, then I will add it directly to StriveList.

  • TRANSFERS: At the end of the week (or a few days), go back into StriveList and update everything. Check off or delete the tasks you've done, and add any new ones. Add new projects at this time too. And then, go through ALL of the tasks, and review all strives to make sure they all still make sense. You will be surprised how often the strive periods get shuffled around.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Add a project called "Relationships" and just add people you know well or need to connect with. Then, for the strive, pick when you should next get in touch with them. It works!

  • 5-MINUTE TASKS: Do not create tasks that you cannot 'do', i.e. some people create a project called "Travel" and then create a task called "Visit China", but that task is not so great. Why? Because "Visit China" is not something you can immediately do. Better would be to create a more specific project called "Visit China" and then break it down with small 5-minute tasks, i.e., "Check airfare prices to China", "Buy new suitcase", "Add more money to travel fund", etc. Always check to be sure that the task listed is something you can actually do quickly in the short-term.

  • BREAK IT DOWN: If you notice that there is a task that is NEVER getting done, odds are that the task itself is too big and cannot be 'done'. In this case, take that task and turn it into its own project. Then add 5-minute tasks below that, and give them strives that happen TODAY. If the task cannot be finished in 5 minutes, it is probably too big!

  • GROUPING: Since all projects are automatically sorted alphabetically, keep them grouped. For example, for all travel projects, start with a T, or Travel, like this: T-China, T-Thailand, T-New Suitcase, or Travel-China, Travel-Thai, Travel-Suitcase. This will keep all of your travel related projected together. You can also do this for tasks, i.e. Project: Languages. Tasks: French--Read the Firm; French--enroll in new class; French--call John; Italian--buy dictionary on Amazon; Etc.

  • PLAN IT: Write out all the projects you initially want to create, and then create them all at the same time, from the same page. It will make the project creation process very smooth.

  • SHORT NAMES: Keep the project names short. Projects must be less than 22 characters in length. Money / Finance is good. Money / Finance / Investments / Debt is too long.

  • IDEA REPOSITORY: StriveList is designed to be a repository for everything and anything you have ever wanted to do. If an idea strikes you, just add it! You can give it a strive, or delete it, later!

  • RECURRING TASKS: We do have recurring tasks as part of our current build, but we have already discovered ways to improve the feature. For now, you can try two different methods: a) You can add a project called 'Recurring'. Then add tasks that need to happen over and over, and select the recurring strive period for each of those tasks. Or b) within each project, just select the recurring strive period for the related tasks, i.e. daily, weekly, etc. And then print out that list each day, week, month, etc.

  • GET INTO THE HABIT: Add projects and tasks whenever something strikes you; Add new tasks CONSTANTLY throughout the day--if you don't have access to a computer, write them down, and add them when you can

  • EVERY WEEK: At least once once every week, go through EVERY project and EVERY task and reevaluate the strive selected. You'd be surprised that what was urgent last week THAT YOU NEVER EVEN DID is not so urgent this week. That's okay: priorities change. Make the updates, and print out your new list for Today and Today-Priority.

  • EVERY TWO WEEKS: Every two weeks, print out your strive list for This Week.

  • EVERY SIX MONTHS: Print out and put on your wall or in your binder the strive lists for This year, One-year, 6-month, 3-month, & this month.

  • EVERY YEAR: At least once a year, think of what you want to accomplish in 10, 5, and 3 years. Add all these projects and tasks to your list with the appropriate srives. Then break them down into smaller tasks.

  • NOTE FROM MONROE: I personally do not print out the "today" or "today-priority" lists every day. I print them out once every few days, and sometimes, once a week. There is always so much on my lists that I can never get them done in one day. And that doesn't bother me at all. Why? They are strives. It doesn't mean I am lazy: I work my butt off to get as much done every day, buuut I don't beat myself if there are unchecked boxes at the end of the day. There always are. I just work on them during the next 'today'!

  • TIME ZEN: Note that this entire app is based on the philosophy of time management shared in StriveList founder Dr. Monroe Mann's best-selling book, "Time Zen". If you really want to get the most from this app, read the book. It's the shortest and most effective time management and success system ever created. The more you know about the psychology of StriveList, the more effectively you will be able to use it.
Enough with trying to keep up with your to-do lists; it's time for your to-do lists to finally start keeping up with you! StriveList is an intuitive, FUN, addictive, and mind-blowlingly effective to-do list for your life and all its projects, inspired by psychology and the recognition that strives are far more effective than 'due dates'. Based on Dr. Monroe Mann's time management philosophy from his best-selling book, 'Time Zen'. Coded and launched with love by Monroe Mann.
© 2017 by Dr. Monroe Mann, Esq. Time Zen © 2007 by Monroe Mann